Iraqveteran8888 – Eric’s Epic Amberjack – St George Island, FL Spending a day on the water with another successful veteran furthers my purpose cause and passion by inspiring continuous improvement through camaraderie and a waterfull lifestyle with a brother in arms. During Twin Vee’s filming of a commericial, we search for an unforgettable experience by going fifty miles offshore with IraqVeteran8888’s Eric to catch monster amberjack. While I am demonstrating the method of high speed vertical jigging, I immediately hook into the first giant amberjack of the day. Eric is not far behind as his rod starts to bend as well. We hook into amberjack after amberjack as the dolphins swim around us hoping to steal some of our fish. Eric gets the biggest amberjack of the day estimated to be at least 100lbs. It was not only a successful day of fishing, it was a day full of sun, fun, jokes, and of course some good natured roasting. The level of crap given and taken was epic that day.