Its just Paul and Wes tonight, but they are broadcasting from Grayton Beach State Park Today’s show brought to you by Gulf Coast Go Buses and Trolley wine Tours – Brewery Tours and by Modern Air Solutions, LLC Cox Pools :
Two minutes WITHOUT Teance….Hydration word of the Day #beach !

Dumb and not so dumb questions we get asked sometimes:
Coming into town tomorrow, what is the absolute must do activity?
Where’s the best place to eat?
What time does the 6 o’clock show start?
Just last night at Tom Thumb, a dude asked the clerk if they had an ATM…he was literally standing right beside it.

What’s the cheapest place for a large family to eat? McDonald’s.
I booked at “insert condo/hotel/whatever”. Is that any good? Shouldn’t you know that before you book?
Are the crab legs fresh? Ummm….no, they come from Alaska.
Best place to find seashells?
I keep hearing about #30a, what is it?
We are wanting to move to the beach, what kind of jobs are available?
Visiting the first week of whatever for our Honeymoon. Need places to eat and do for Newlyweds.
How are the beaches in September? Is the water still warm?
We got a room at such and such, how far is that from the beach?
Do all the rooms at this place you’ve never stayed at because you’re a local have a beach view?
Are there alligators near #Destin?
Good breakfast places?
Those surfers are in the water on double reds, why can’t I be?