In this podcast we discuss changes that restaurants should consider when adjusting to the cost increases from the rising minimum wage. John talks about positive experience he has had going from counter service and no tipped wages to full-service and tipped compensation model for his wait staff. Check out this episode to learn about what you should consider when adapting to the minimum wage increases. A veteran of Manatee County’s hospitality industry for nearly 40 years, John Horne began his career working summers at Fast Eddie’s Place while completing his Business Degree at Clemson University. He opened his own restaurant, Anna Maria Oyster Bar, on the City Pier in Anna Maria, FL in 1995. Four more restaurants followed and the AMOBs have become a well-known place to enjoy fresh, delicious seafood at a great value, served by a team of wonderful staff in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. JH – Thanks for having me on. Glad to be here, glad to help represent the Florida Restaurant Lodging Association.

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