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Paula stuff.
Paul’s Jokes
Crazy News this Week:.
Store shut down after owners caught sticking googly eyes on fish to look fresher
Naked man starts house fire while baking cookies on George Foreman grill
Florida man hired Thursday, fired Sunday, tries to kill boss two hours later
Florida Man shoves stolen iced coffee in pants
Man fined $124 for kicking seagull that ate cheeseburger at NH beach
Man faked his own KIDNAPPIng and demanded £80 ransom from his terrified pregnant girlfriend so he could get drunk with his mates
Man arrested for robbing Tokyo convenience store with nose hair trimmers
Florida woman’s home shot up after she leaves negative Facebook review about restaurant
Left behind: Thieves raid Virginia store of right foot shoes
11-year-old confronts home invader taking alcohol and ribs
Meth Conviction Overturned After Witness Testified While High On Meth
Rough Drafts of Famous quotes: