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1. Intro: Hashtag #NothingScriptedTV on Instagram, FB and Twitter
2. Two minutes WITHOUT Teance Blackburn ….Hydration word of the Day!
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4. Our Anniversary…special shout out to Ken Sloan as one of the inspirations of the show.
5. Thoughts on the #Olympics:
a. Twitter is roasting Tara Lapinski Merritt and The Official Johnny G. Weir on their commentary
i. They called one skater’s the “weak link” and his performance “technically a disaster” and another’s “abysmal,” “the worst I’ve ever seen from him.” I’m over here like
ii. Twitter Post @pizzalover22 — Me: these commentors are a lil rude or did I mishear?
Commentators: what the f@#$ was this a##hole even thinking bringing this weak sh!t to the Olympics?
iii. – >> Tara Lapinski’s big mouth spoils any chance of enjoying the skater or his/her music. I’d rather chew nails than listen to her seriously annoying comments. This isn’t a hockey match….we don’t need a blow by blow. Turn her mic off….and STOP HER FROM TALKING.
iv. THEY DO HAVE FANS: NBC should send Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir to cover White House Press Secretary briefings. #Olympics
b. Sean White killed it!

c. American Medal Count is abysmal. We are winning in all the stoner sports.
6. Ask us anything session.
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