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Having video as part of your campaign has become a crucial element of successful promotion and advertising.

From short commercials to storytelling, and more recently, Facebook Live, video is adding big responses for small businesses who utilize video as a marketing and “Call To Action” tool.

The numbers are in, and they are significant. Check out this recent survey conducted by 30A TV partners, IBM.

SoWal Life and 30A Media have partnered to provide a fantastic resource to add to your newspaper presence. 

Plan # 1  — Video Production – We produce a high quality video you can use on your website, facebook etc. 

Plan # 2  —  Video Production plus distribution. Includes Plan #1 but is also added to our 30ATV network, cable, ROKU, AMAZON, Apps and online at www.30a.tv as well as www.southwalton.life

Your commercial/promotion will run 10 times per day every day, as well as posting on Facebook, twitter etc.   

Plan  # 3  — Video Production plus distribution and LIVE  – Includes Plan #1+2 but we also schedule Facebook live events at your location. Our average viewer numbers with Facebook live range from 5,000 up to as much as 150,000 plus. This is a significant and important addition, because it gives you direct contact instantly with customers.   


Plan # 1  – One time $500 **

Plan # 2  – One time $2900 or $300 per month for 12 months.

Plan # 3  – One time $3500 or $375 per month for 12 months 

For more information or to signup and book your video promotion campaign; 

About South Walton Life

South Walton Life newspaper is printed monthly and mailed to all zipcodes in the 30A and Miramar Beach area. 

About 30A Television
30A TV  broadcasts on cable networks in NW
Florida in 9 counties from Walton to Franklin as well as on ROKU, AMAZON and online at 30a.tv. We reach 75,000 homes and businesses on cable and 48,000 on ROKU etc  – as well as facebook and twitter, 50k+ followers.

Plan #1 does not include television distribution




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