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30A Media 5 Step Follow Up Invitation  

Thank you for the opportunity to show you our 5 Step Video Ranking process !

There is a very significant change going on at Google and Youtube. Search results are switching to rank VIDEO higher than text or photos.

Businesses without including video in their marketing, run the risk of being lost in this Google Shuffle.

It does not stop there. The graphic below shows current results of a recent IBM survey on video.




 Step 1. – We make compelling videos to showcase your business.

 Step 2 –  We distribute the video

 Step 3  – We find UNTAPPED keywords that relate to your business and point them to the video.

 Step 4  – We show you reports of ranking results and keywords targeted.

 While this process is our main focus, we don’t  stop there. We combine the online Google/youtube ranking with further visibility on cable television channels, ROKU and AMAZON Fire TV channels, Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest

Once the UNTAPPED keywords are secured, we then focus everything we can to sustain the high spots for those keywords. We do this with Facebook Live and other Social Media Events, videos and sprinkling of our “Secret Sauce” designed to secure postions in search results. You can also use the video in your website, wherever you wish to share with your customers your television promotion.

Below is an example of the reach some of our Facebook Live events have garnered. This graphic shows “people reached”  – very significant numbers, and best of all, instant interaction with interested customers. We format a plan for events such as these in order to maximize our commitment to your success.

Facebook live with Brittany Young, Crafter. Brittany was able to contact the people who responded and encourage them to join her group, and follow her sales pages, where she is able to increase product sales from interactions like these. Very powerful.




Results ! 
Below is an example of results from untapped keywords
This is just 2 of the results 
Real Estate ( very difficult field, due to saturation of agents and brokers) 
Click the image to see search results postition for Redd’s Fueling Station  Key words secured
— Top 30A restaurant, Best 30A Restaurant 
This is just 2 of the results 
Real Estate ( very difficult field, due to saturation of agents and brokers) 
Click  the image to see the (#2 position) for “best real estate Panama City” and “Marc Levesque” 
Yes – Count me in ! 
What do I do next ? 
Choose the plan that suits your budget, and contact your sales representative to secure the keywords,  and get the videos rolling. 

We guarantee to secure the number of Keywords/phrases relevant to your chosen plan, video and business within 30 days of inception of our program.
Initial keyword report will be sent after secured positions, then monthly confirmation of keyword retention afterwards. 
We anticipate completion of your video with in 10 days of date of signup.
All plans are 12 month recurring monthly billing. 
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