Our Pet of The Week is a very special mamma named Zebbles. If you are able to feature her story & photo (attached) in print, we would greatly appreciate it. “My name is Zebbles, I’m a hound dog, and I’m just two years old. I was born with a handicap, my front legs never developed properly. Alaqua has shared my story of being rescued, along with my 8 puppies. I’m thankful that we are safe and in the loving care at Alaqua Animal Refuge, they saved our lives. I’m so happy here! I’ve had a hard life, but I’ve managed to survive. I’m able to get about, by using my back legs. I am thankful for the strength they provide me, as I’m now able to sit erect and nurse my precious puppies. Please do not pity me, for I am truly blessed. Rejoice for me, as my family and I have a warm bed, safe shelter, good food, and an excellent quality of care. A mother’s strength comes from within, and I’m strong, despite my handicap. I can’t run and play, but I can love and comfort my family. That strength comes from the heart, and my heart is strong. Alaqua believed in me, and they have given me a second chance in life. Mother’s Day is next Sunday. It’ll be a joyful day at Alaqua, as we have several Mothers living safely here. Rather than feeling sorry for me, I would respectfully request that you donate to this worthy organization. Through your generous donations, Alaqua can continue its mission of saving the homeless, hungry and helpless pets in our community. zebbles alaqua Remember, Mothers have a natural ability to care. It would be a wonderful way to honor your beloved Mother, by donating in her name. Through your generosity, Alaqua’s mission can continue. It’s very easy to do, just visit our website @www.alaquaanimalrefuge.org. A gift your Mother will love, is just a click away. Donate now, tell them Zebbles at 30a TV sent you!” -Gaye Patton Thank you, Kelby Schweickert Adoptions Coordinator Alaqua Animal Refuge (850)659-2308


Our Pet of The Week

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