There’s no stopping the rise of video ads. In May, 2012, video measurement company comScore reported that video ads had topped the 10 billion mark for the first time. One month later, the June results are in and video ads have topped the 11 billion mark. In June, 180 million U.S. internet users watched 33 billion online content videos.

In June, 84.8 percent of the U.S. internet audience watched online videos, with an average content video length of 6.8 minutes (up from 6.5 minutes in May). The average ad was again 0.4 minutes.

30a Television websites pulled over 75,000 megabytes of video data during June of this year. Over 3, 000,000 video clips have been viewed on 30a TV.

Studies on recent advertisers reveal success in several aspects of their exposure to the 30a TV audience. All advertisers found a significant increase in Facebook fans, some as many as 3,000 added. One month views on videos reached as much as 1,500 views, 80% higher than the same video on youtube.

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Join The Crowd – Video ads topped 11 billion mark for the first time.

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