By Vinicius Covas – Nowadays, anyone can have their own radio station and it is already more than clear that it is not always a good thing. Bringing the power of voice to those who do not know what to say can only lead to unpleasant results. On the day of June 5th, the controversial American host, Edward Tyll decided to make death threats against the French-Canadian publisher, Guy Boulianne, who is the founder of the publishing house Editions Dedicaces ( The program was on the radio in the US, on the The Ed Tyll Show. The negotiation for the radio spot happened through the platform. Guy Boulianne contracted the services of Edward Tyll, or Ed Tyll, so he would interview one of his authorsEdTyll_Banned residing in Ireland. So that the supposed interview was made, Edward Tyll, the presenter, created an atmosphere in which the listener might believe that the respondent was in the studio with him, when in fact he was in Montreal, Canada. In these times of Internet, where anyone can take advantage of these elements and be a journalist of only so many years of experience, communication is also distorted and the results backfire, reaching the good old radio as the news that technology can give us.
During the 15 minutes before the interview, the “radio” (in quotes) promoted a horror show in its program, accusing the respondent to be harassing the presenter. Ed Tyll went on to say that he would cancel the program and that he wanted to “strangle Guy Boulianne with his own hands and take a selfie with the body and drag him”,  saying “look who I killed last week in my show”. Breaking up the case, the publisher held a formal complaint against the presenter in the American and Canadian police. The original audio and video of the event is available at the end of this note. The publishing house Editions Dedicaces has an excellent international reputation. It was founded in 2009 in Montreal, and includes authors from various countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, England, Ireland, Argentina, Republic of Congo, the United States and Canada.


Death threats against Guy Boulianne founder of Editions Dedicaces

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