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Beulah Belle Designs
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Beulah Belle offers handmade, one of a king jewelry and handbags. Our designs are trending, traditional, and prairie chic!
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Beulah Belle Designs started in 2015. Designer and owner, Lisa Morris, knew it was time to leave her educational profession, after twenty-six years, and pursue her love for making jewelry. Desiring to be free from hectic schedules and overly structured days, she took a leap of faith and started Beulah Belle Designs. She daily puts on her apron, sits in her studio and becomes engrossed in making unique jewelry for the trendy-boho conscious lady (men’s jewelry coming soon!). Lisa knows that her company is one of many, but she fights through the immersed industry with her organic style of jewelry that is handmade by her personally. Most of the pieces are one of a kind with a special story to share. She pours her love into each piece and each customer that comes her way! Hunting the world (and every local flea market and antique store around) for treasures that will complete the perfect piece is a passion and challenge alike. Vintage trinkets, precious metals and gems, random natural elements… It’s all fair game!
And when Lisa is not creating jewelry, she is enjoying her family at home, giving generous amounts of love to her Labrador retriever, Nala, and writing educational and narrative books (She has 12 published books to date). Taking the chance to follow her dreams has been a remarkable yet intimidating venture. It takes a little leap of faith to say, “Here is what I designed today…I hope you like it.” But it is a journey that has proven successful professionally and spiritually. At Beulah Belle Designs, we know that jewelry is not a world changer, but hopefully we can help make the world a more beautiful place…one piece of jewelry at a time!
-Lisa Morris

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Florida’s 30A corridor offers a variety of dining experiences from fine dining to casual, food-truck options. The area’s explosive growth, warm climate, and white-sand beaches not only attract millions of tourists each year but some of the country’s most innovative chefs. Compared to previous years, be prepared for limited menu options. It’s also recommended to call ahead for reservations as seating may be limited due to large crowds visiting the 30a area.