Airing in September on a TV near you : Walton County Sheriff’s Department Television show.

Planned are interviews and demonstrations such as the K-9 dog squad, helicopter, beach patrol rescue teams in action plus many other varieties of specialized squads. Other civic agencies related to law enforcement will also be involved.

You’ll be able to visually ride with a deputy that just maybe cruising your neighborhood, go inside bureaus and see how investigative techniques are conducted. See just how radar works and SWAT teams.

The acceptance of the idea was so well received that South Walton High School has offered their TV studio and the high school kids will take part in some of the series on teenage issues. Vanessa Bump, who teaches (communications expert) at the school will co-ordinate with hand picked students and 30a TV production crew on select shows. Principal David Preast was also enthusiastic as the studio will become productive and give back to the community.

Also the half hour shows will cover a range of announcements that can enlighten the Walton public of pending emergences and law enforcement public information programs, such as Neighborhood Watch and Crime Stoppers. Areas where certain property crime sprees are high can also be identified so you has a homeowner can be vigilant.

“Behind the Gold Star” will include information on the top wanted subjects in Walton County and the surrounding area.

Captain Audie Rowell, with the sheriff’s department , Mike Morrison, (Sheriff Public Information Officer), Paul Vizard (30A TV), plus members of the newly formed Citizens Patrol, will direct and produce the monthly events.

This concept is found in many other cities around the country but not in the depth as this new line up will entail, because this program will go outside the studio and into the field. The show will air daily between 7:00 PM and 8pm on Channel 8 Mediacom and Comcast 186, and will be distributed online and via smartphone apps.

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Behind the Gold Star will sponsored by various supporters; security agencies, attorneys, bonding companies, private detective organizations, civic organizations, plus Crimestoppers.

If you feel you would like to be a part for sponsorship for your community or business please call 1-877-302-8848 or email

Your advertisement and sponsorship will be shown in various segments of the show. Funding goes to the implementation of the show and relief agencies as designated by the Sheriff department.




BEHIND THE GOLD STAR Walton County Sheriff’s Department Television show

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