Walton County Public Beach Access in Jeopardy

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The Blue Lupine Way public beach access (Easement) has been used by the general public for over 25 years. Accessible off 30A via Redfish Circle, the beach access was upheld in a 1998 court ordered Settlement Agreement with the terms of construction of condos, now called Blue Mountain Beach Condominiums, along with 5 public parking spaces.

As stated in the DRI planning provisions: “Developer hereby gives and grants a non-exclusive Easement, for the benefit of the general public, for limited purposes only of pedestrian and vehicular ingress, egress, and access, over and across the walkway, biking path, and roadway on and across the Properties and across The Club Property, leading directly from the public way to the beach, and; now or hereafter used or necessary for direct access to the beach, for purposes of public beach access, and for no other purpose.” Walton County Public Beach Access in Jeopardy

However, in recent years, obstacles have been placed on or around this access, in the form of gates, signs, and as some access users state, “harassment” to discourage the use of the steps and boardwalk to the beach.

“We are at the most critical time yet to keep our easement open to the public, said Diane Wright. We retained legal counsel who worked really hard on this and uncovered some key documents that the County has not seen that legal believes could be a game changer.”

June 22nd is a showdown date, when the Blue Mountain Beach Condo Association and advocates for the access will face off over an appeal which could close the access to the public forever.

Local residents and roperty owners have rallied at block party fundraisers, set up a Gofundme for legal expenses, as well as a Facebook Group called “Friends of Blue Lupine Beach Access” to highlight and update on the potential loss of this public beach access. Supporters are advised to attend the appeal at the boardroom, 842 State Highway 20 E Suite 118 Freeport, FL 32439 on June 22nd 2023 at 5pm.

Media Contact / Interview Requests Diane Wright: 301-801-9626; dianewright301@gmail.com www.stopthegate30a.com

Walton County Public Beach Access in Jeopardy

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