Guitarist Honors Memory by Finally Recording and Releasing one of Their Cowritten Works

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Heartfelt Tribute to Late Friend: In a touching homage to his late friend, songwriter, Wes Herndon, has fulfilled a poignant promise by recording and releasing a remarkable tune that he and his friend, Ken Sloan, cowrote together before his Ken’s untimely passing. The tongue in cheek blues composition serves as an example of the humor they shared in their friendship and celebrates the indomitable spirit that prevailed throughout their creative, yet short journey as friends and creators.

The song, titled “Blues for a Wife”, captures the essence of their shared experiences, and showcases their mutual comedic prowess…along with some excellent guitar riffs. Combining blues, parody, and a little alcohol infused creativity, the track strikes a harmonious balance between soulful melodies, humor, and evocative lyrics, paying homage to their unique bond and the profound impact their friendship had on their artistic endeavors.

Having nurtured their creative partnership over the years through a local parody/satire website, Wes and his late friend had always envisioned sharing their darkly hilarious collaborations with the world. However, the devastating diagnosis and certain economic factors interrupted their plans, leaving Wes behind with a heartfelt longing to honor their collective talent and the memory of a dear friend.

Driven by a deep desire to preserve their creative legacy and fulfill their shared dream, Wes poured his heart and soul into the recording process and creating a full band arrangement of this tune, ensuring that the track captured the raw emotions and profound connection that he and Ken had shared. Working closely with great musicians like bassist Joey Gates, drummer, Andy Gray and rhythm guitarist, Mark Hinds, the song has been reborn to encapsulate the essence of Wes and Ken’s collaboration while honoring the unique style and vision of both artists.

Through the release of “Blues for a Wife”, Wes aims to pay tribute to his late friend’s unwavering humor and talent for prose, as well as inspire others who have experienced loss and grief. The song serves as a reminder that friendship, strong drink, and creativity have the power to transcend time and connect us even in the face of loss.

Wes Herndon, expressing his deep emotions, “Recording this song was a bit of an emotional journey for me…especially given that this month marks the anniversary of Ken’s passing. It has allowed me to revisit some of the great moments we spent together, and I hope that it not only celebrates our friendship but also brings comfort and a smile to others…especially if they share our sense of humor. This is the first release of several of our collaborations, and I am honored to finally begin sharing them with the world.”

“Blues for a Wife” is set to be released on May 30th, 2023, across all major digital music platforms. Listeners can expect an immersive call back to electric blues, funk, and humor that invites them to embark on a poignant journey of marital hardship… and the spirit of friends working together for stupid ends.

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About Wes Herndon: Wes is a former lead guitarist with an early 90’s alternative rock band, he now spends the majority of his musical time writing and performing songs that tell stories or makes fun of something. With a vocal styling that can best be described as a cross between Warren Haynes and John Mellancamp, and a raw style on guitar, Wes relies heavily upon comedy and misdirection to cover up his musical shortcomings. The release of “Blues for a Wife” represents a significant milestone in his career, honoring the memory of a dear friend and showcasing his musical sense of humor. You can learn more about Wes, his story, and where to find his music and live shows via his website at

W. Wesley (Wes) Herndon Cell: 478-960-0580

Guitarist Honors Memory by Finally Recording and Releasing one of Their Cowritten Works

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