Blue Lupine Public Beach Access Legal Fight Continues

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Blue Lupine is a public beach access located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and it has been the center of a dispute between local residents and property owners.

The controversy revolves around the access point, which provides public entry to the beach. Property owners in the area claim that the access point causes issues with “traffic, parking, and littering”. They have also expressed concerns about safety, claiming incidents of vandalism and theft in the area.

The problem is, according to locals and visitors, they are increasingly blocking access to a long standing public beach access. Oddly enough, this access is not listed on the tourist development website for beach accesses map (See Below). Local residents argue that the access point is essential to the community as it provides an affordable and convenient way for people to enjoy the beach. They believe that closing the access point would be detrimental to the local economy, as it would discourage tourism and decrease property values.

A detailed summary of the Easement’s legal history can be found  at Petition to Stop the Gate: 

The dispute has escalated in recent years, with both sides presenting their arguments to local government officials. In 2021, Walton County Commissioners decided to keep the Blue Lupine access point open, despite pushback from some property owners. Since that time, gates blocking the public access have been erected, questioning motives, and sparking more legal wrangling to ensure the access remains open to the public as required in order to build the condos many years ago.

You can find more information on the Friends of Blue Lupine Facebook page

And also on their Gofundme Page

Despite the ongoing debate, Blue Lupine remains a popular beach access point for locals and tourists alike. Its pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters attract visitors from all over the world, making it a vital part of the community’s tourism industry.

In conclusion, the dispute over Blue Lupine public beach access highlights the challenges that arise when private property rights clash with the public’s interest. While both sides have valid concerns, it is ultimately up to the local government to find a balance between property rights and public access to the beach.


Blue Lupine Public Beach Access Legal Fight Continues

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