Walton County Clerk Internal Audit

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WALTON COUNTY, FL – JULY 5, 2022 – Last week, the Board of County Commissioners became aware of an audit completed by the Clerk of Court and released to the general public on July 1, 2022. That audit covers purchasing cards (“P-Cards”), travel vouchers, and use of county vehicles, and focused solely on each of the five County Commissioners. The Board has previously directed staff to investigate similar issues, notably P-Cards and travel policies. Staff has been conducting review of existing policies and practices for those issues related to all County employees and County Commissioners and has been developing policy revisions to address identified issues, many of which overlap with those identified by the Clerk.

During that process, staff became aware of the Clerk’s audit, as well as the Clerk’s intent to adopt a new P-Card policy. During a meeting with the Clerk of Court, staff concurred with many of the Clerk’s recommended changes and advised of numerous revisions to be recommended to the Board for adoption that go beyond what the Clerk has proposed. Now that county staff has received and reviewed a copy of the audit and the new policy, the Board will be presented and shall consider revisions to the relevant policies at upcoming Board meetings.

The findings of the Clerk’s audit reveal what the Board has previously identified as a systemic breakdown of policies within the prior administration of the County and an improper reliance on practice over written policy by those responsible for administering these programs. Current staff has echoed these concerns and undertaken wholesale revisions to eliminate these issues and prevent any future occurrences. With the combined efforts of all involved, the Board looks forward to more fully addressing these issues and adopting solutions in the coming weeks.

Walton County Clerk Internal Audit

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