Slim Cycle Proves to be Popular during Covid

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#loseweight #slimcycle #diet Slim Cycle is the revolutionary new fitness bike that delivers a cardio blast workout with a complete upper body sculpting system, for a full body workout in one dynamic comfortable machine. Pedal your way to a slimmer you in no time. It’s the utlimate 2-in-1 workout combining cardio and strength training. Engineered for comfort and results.

Incredibly comfortable, Slim Cycle quickly converts from the upright to recumbent position. Easily find the ideal setting for you. When Slim Cycle was developed, comfort was the most important consideration. The seat is 2 1/2 inches thick, oversized and super cushiony. The cushioned back pad is perfect for anyone with lower back problems, or who needs just a little bit extra support. The ultimate investment for your body.

The pedalling system is whisper quiet. You can take calls while cycling, and no one will even know you’re working out. There’s an amazing digital display and built-in heart rate monitor right on the handlebars. Slim Cycle has 8 levels of magnetic resistance. When your workout is done, just fold it up, wheel it away, and slide it under a bed or put it in a closet for easy storage. It’s the ultimate investment you can make for your body.

Slim Cycle Proves to be Popular during Covid

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