Walton County  FL Road Closures

Walton County Governmental Office Closings #30a #michael  All Walton County Governmental Offices will be closed on Friday, October 12th and will reopen for regular business on Monday, October 15th at normal business hours.  The offices are as follows:
  • Walton County Board of Commission Offices
  • Walton County School System (Includes all special events and football games)
  • Judicial Systems
  • Tax Collector’s Office
  • Property Appraiser’s Office
  • Supervisor of Elections
  • Clerk of Courts
All Walton County School System employees should report to work on their regular schedule on Monday, October 15th.  Students will not report back to school until Tuesday, October 16th due to the scheduled teacher workday on Monday. The need for the closures on Friday are due to several factors.
  • Over 15,000 Walton County residents remain without power
  • Facilities must be prepared to receive employees, students and the public
  • Communications with Tallahassee are limited at this time due to the power outages.  These limitations are affecting the issuance of driver’s licenses, vehicular titles or concealed weapons permits
At this time, there are no curfews in place for Walton County, but we want to remind the public to be careful while travelling around the County and to mindful that emergency support vehicles and assessment teams are travelling throughout the County. Florida Highway Patrol has closed sections of I-10 for debris clean up. Eastbound lanes are closed from mile marker 85 in DeFuniak Springs to mile marker 160 past Sneads, FL. Westbound lanes are closed from mile marker 123 just east of Chipley to mile marker 160 just east of Sneads.
DISTRICT 1: Closed Roads  – DeFuniak Springs Area
2571 McKinnon Bridge Rd Ponce de Leon
269 Hallelujah Rd DeFuniak Springs: tree and power line down
** Deputies manning roadway at 9029 Co Hwy 183A: Power pole leaning down and if it goes any further risks 6 poles coming down.
Woodlands Rd/Girl Scout: tree down
CJ Laird/183 S: oak tree across road
CB Whitehead/Douglass Crossroad: power line in trees
Red Hill Rd: Trees on Power lines
1893 River Rd : Trees & power lines down close to end of rd
3101 McKinnon Bridge Rd PDL trees & power lines down
900 Magnolia Rd PDL
DISTRICT 2: Closed Roads – Freeport Area
Brandywine Rd Freeport: 2 trees partially in road near Yorktown Rd
Dead River Rd (Seven Runs Cemetery area) Ponce de Leon: Tree blocking rd
Dead River Rd (Seven Runs Cemetery area) Ponce de Leon: Tree blocking rd
S Tram Rd Ponce de Leon: tree blocking rd
Kylea Laird/Hazelwood Ln: power line hanging and partially on ground
US Highway 331 S/Jennings Rd: tree across rd, unable to get in or out to 331
State Highway 81/20 E Ponce de Leon:  power line across rd
CO Hwy 3280/Gardenia: Road unpassable, trees and live wires 5 ft off ground
Howell Bluff Rd/20E: debris and trees in road
Co Hwy 282/Site C-6 Rd: Wires held up by the lines
Johns Lane
B H Reddick @ Brett Ln: Power Line in the rd
Camp Adams Loop: Power lines low hanging
Shaver Ave: Tree across rd
162 Trout Cir Freeport: tree on power line completely blocked
139 Live Oak St : blocking access to Freeport City Pump Station
DISTRICT 3: Closed Roads – South of the Bay from US Hwy 331 @ US 98 West
Bambi Pl Santa Rosa Beach: Down cable line
260 Bluebell Cir SRB: cable line hanging in roadway
145 Hillcrest Rd SRB: Tree down in road
5692 W Co Hwy 30A: PASSABLE, but wire going across rd
DISTRICT 4: Closed Roads – South of the Bay from US Hwy 331 @ US 98 East
150 S Wall St: Hot Power Line down North of this location
340 Orange St Inlet Beach: Power line down
150 S Wall ST Inlet Beach: live wire down

Walton County FL Road Closures

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