Who is on tv show nothing scripted

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30a.TV (http://www.30a.tv)  announced this week they will begin airing a brand-new television show Tuesday, (February 14th).

“While the exact format is still being kept a secret, we can give you a couple of hints: it’s a show that will have a little of everything, and it will be aired live with replays showing at various times throughout each week,” Wes Herndon of Groove Web Media shared.

“We think 30aTV is the perfect partner for this type of show,” Mr. Herndon continued, “They have a huge reach across cable, Roku TV, and various other online TV streaming outlets, so the show and any guests we host will enjoy mass exposure to an international audience. In addition, 30ATV is not beholden to traditional network creative restrictions on content. That allows us an enormous amount of creative freedom.”

The show, cleverly titled “Nothing Scripted,” will feature guests and topics related to anything the hosts and creators deem interesting and appropriate. Wes Herndon

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For more information about the show, becoming a guest, or having your business becoming a show sponsor, please email us at  anyone@ 30a.tv.

About 30a Television 30a Television is a leading provider of hyper local TV programming, broadcasting on cable, OTT ROKU and AMAZON, facebook live and Website at http://www.30a.tv

Who is on tv show nothing scripted

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