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Easy On 30A – an independent, nonprofit organization located on scenic 30A that works together with local communities, organizations and musicians to put together the annual benefit concerts that support local charitable organizations in the panhandle area of Florida. Easy On 30A was founded in 2012 by Beth & Randy Carroll of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Easy On 30A is presented and supported by the WaterColor Homeowners Association that graciously allow the use of Marina Park to bring this FREE concert to area residents and visitors to the 30A community. Easy On 30A works together with the WaterColor Community and WaterColor Resort to bring this fun charity event to fruition during one of the busiest weeks of the summer.

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Beth & Randy Carroll
Beth & Randy Carroll
Beth & Randy Carroll
  Int    Welcome back. We are here with Andy Nelson and Andy is with Easy on 30a, just like Life here. And Andy you are here to talk about a free concert at the WaterColor. Andy    On July 3rd we have Easy on 30a benefit going on at WaterColor, down at the Marina Park. And it’s just a great concert that we like to put on. It’s fourth annual that we’ve had so far. Int    Super. Andy    And it’s going to be at WaterColor. Life    I heard it started at somebody’s house? Andy    It did in fact. Life    And then it led to an alley. Andy    Yes, it’s a strange build up. Int    Tell us a little bit about that. Andy    It started up. The concert was started by Beth and Randy Carol, who are the owners at WaterColor. They just had some friends come and play with their bandmates. And it was an indoor thing and then it got a little bit bigger. Then it just got a little bit bigger. So then the idea was, okay we need a space for this to host all these different features. So we ended up at one of the parks at the resort and then it sort of turned into a great free concert. We like to showcase some of the local talent that we have. There are obviously great musicians along the coast. Int    There are. Andy     We have here and then it turned into this big huge thing. We are having some raffles and some silent auctions. Try to make it more aware of not just the concert Int    Lets try to help the local  charities and things like that. I can see that you have alfa here. Lighthouse Family Retreat. Andy    We have the Muskogee Nation by Bruce, Alaqua and Lighthouse are all parts of our different benefits that we can help. Life    So this place that you are going to be at this year, how many people can it hold? Andy    It can hold up to six or seven hundred people if not more. It all depends on how many people go together. But it’s a free concert so we welcome everybody. Everybody can come on it. Int    It’s free! Life    Are there going to be some different booths and stuff. Will there be beverages available for purchase? Or is it just gonna be a bring a cooler and a blanket? Andy    You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. There will be some available. We have a very cool thing. Its a chicken fried chicken waffle cone, mashed potatoes all into one. Its artery stopping, but it’s great. It’s really wonderful. There’s going to be some food and hopefully there will be some animals there from Alaqua. Hopefully some dogs as long as it’s not too warm. Lighthouse is going to be there as a representative from all of the different groups that we are helping out. Life    Perfect, so that’s July 3rd, which is Friday this year. Back and forth fourth of July. And from what five forty five to ten, or til the music stops. Andy     Ten. We gotta stop shortly after ten. We just want everybody to come. We have some great talent. We have The Riffs which is a great local band. Int    Introducing thema and hopefully get them exposure? Andy    Exactly. And then Fours Williams Band is going to be playing there. Life    Oh, he definitely needs exposure. Andy    Yeah. And then Jeff McBride will be playing there as well. We have three different music sets. Three different musicians. It’s always great. Int    Good music that everybody can enjoy. Andy    Exactly. We want everybody to come and just have a great time. Int    It’s fourth of July and your at the beach. Andy    What better can you ask for. I’m at the beach, lets go to the park and hear music, dancing. Life    Dancing. There we go. We gotta dance. Andy     We invite everybody to come out to this. Life    Okay, so the people, how can they donate to the causes? I understand you can bring food, canned food or like the people who come to the concert they can donate a can of food? Andy    As your coming in they are going to have a little thing for donations for the Muskogee Indian Nation. We always like to help them out. And for donations you can actually go to the website. Int    And the website is? Andy    easyon30a.com. I’m sorry. easyon30a.wordpress.com. So you can go to that site and actually click on a link to donate. Or you can donate on Facebook.com/easyon30a and that will actually get you right to the information on. Int    They can bring a can of food. They can bring cloths, I understand, for the Muskogee Nation? Andy    Yes, and we welcome anything, any donations that anybody would like to bring. And then all the monies raised through the silent auction, the raffles and all the sponsor and donations that we have will all be going to these wonderful groups. Int    Okay, you’ll be seeing these flyers around in case you forget. That’s the Friday night before the Fourth of July at the WaterColor at Marina Park. And sounds like a great time. Life    When you do go out, look for the 30a television van. That’s 30a TV. We will also be live broadcasting on TV at 30a.tv. So you can check it out there if you can’t make it down. Definitely go to the website and donate to help out our local charities. Andy    Thank you very much for having me. We are very excited about the concert in just over a weekend. Life    It will be loads of fun. Alright guys, we have one more to go. So stick it out with us and we’ll be right back. Thanks Andy. Int    Thanks Andy.   Live broadcast on 30a TV Coastal Connection TV Channel 17 Mediacom Ch 8 and at www.30alive.com 30a TV Broadcast Truck

Easy on 30a Concert benefit

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