Alaqua Animal Refuge 4th of July Safety Tips

  As we celebrate the birth of our nation Alaqua Animal Refuge has a few safety tips.  Please keep in mind that pets are terrified of fireworks, and often panic at the loud noise of firecrackers and can flee from you and wind up lost or injured.  Statistics indicate that animal shelters do get an influx of animals the day after the 4th of July because of this.   *Keep your pet indoors during the festivities and leave them at home if you plan to go watch the fireworks. *Make sure your pet has proper identification just in case they get loose. *Alcohol is poisonous to pets. *Do not use insect repellent that is not made specifically for animals and citronella-based repellants is harmful to pets. *Never use fireworks around your pets and make sure they do not have access to lighter fluid or matches. *Many folks have a barbecue to celebrate the day with family and friends, please do not give your pet “table food.” *And even though it might look cute, please do not put glow jewelry on your pets. They could chew it up and swallow the plastic. b8e7dcd6c54c5d6f08ee2a7df79d8726

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Alaqua Animal Refuge 4th of July Safety Tips

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