Our children are going to grow up faced with money worries unless they learn good money management skills at an early age. This FREE DVD from MoneyBright Kids can help!

Friends, Financial illiteracy is one of the biggest challenges facing America’s children today. Our schools are failing our children because they’re simply not teaching kids the basic money management skills they’ll need later in life. If we want our children and grandchildren to know how to avoid the financial pitfalls that so many adults have to face every day we need to teach them how to manage money at an early age. From having too little in savings and struggling with mountains of debt, to not knowing the first thing about investing and donating to charity there are so many things we need our kids to be aware of. And we can’t count on public schools to do this job for us. We need to do our part as parents and grandparents to help our children learn the financial skills they need to survive and thrive. That’s why my children’s education company has created the brand-new DVD, “ MoneyBright Kids: Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees,” and as a special for my readers, I want to give you a copy for FREE when you try MoneyBright Kids. CLICK TO SEE A PREVIEW OF YOUR FREE DVD, MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES Created by my partner, who’s a Harvard Business School graduate and finance professional (and a dad of twin little girls!), Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees makes it fun for kids to learn important money management skills. In this entertaining, animated film, your kids will follow the adventures of the MoneyBright Kids—a group of friends who discover a magical smartphone app that teaches them everything they need to know about money! I want you to give this special DVD to the children in your family. That’s why I’m giving it away for FREE for a limited time. I only ask you to cover just $1 for shipping and processing, which is a small investment to help your kids learn important skills they’ll need their whole lives. As a bonus when you order, you’ll also get free online streaming from any internet-connected device, plus free downloadable learning guides filled with fun exercises and quizzes to help your kids master money management! If your children enjoy their FREE DVD, you can help them learn all that MoneyBright Kids has to offer, with great lessons on earning, saving, spending, donating and investing wisely. That’s because MoneyBright Kids will send you an email letting you know about our latest video, about once a month, including free online streaming and downloadable learning guides. If you want it, there’s nothing you need to do—we’ll send it at the regular low price. If you don’t want it, just let us know. The choice to buy is always yours, and you’re never under any obligation to purchase anything. Plus, every MoneyBright Kids DVD you decide to try comes with a full money-back guarantee. So join me in helping kids build strong money management skills by ordering your FREE copy of my new DVD, Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees. But please hurry—this is a limited-time offer and supplies are reserved for the earliest responders. Sincerely, 3      


Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

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