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don-banner-large [show_wp_shopping_cart] 30a Television is pleased to announce the addition of the Don Arias “Wakin up with Don” Show to the 30a TV network, and joint promotional options for commercials to play during his show on FOX 28 WPGX PRICING: Current special offers are at this link http://30a.tv/page.php?page=38 Don Arias is the host of “Wakin Up With Don” on Talk Fox 28 WPGX in NW Florida. The show is seen at 6.30am weekdays in the Florida Panhandle.  30a Television will rebroadcast the television shows first shown weekdays at 6.30 am, and provide content featuring the 30a lifestyle on a regular basis. A weekly 30a update segment coving fun things to do will also be added to Waking up with Don.
  “I am excited to see the show rebroadcast on the 30a TV network, and hope the viewers enjoy the show.” said Don Arias. Wakin’ Up With Don joins Good Morning 30a as the only local morning talk shows in Northwest Florida. Hosts morning show “Wakin’ Up With Don” on Fox 28, WPGX-TV, Panama City, Fla. The show promotes family life, healthy living and prosperity in Northwest Florida.. Paul Vizard, CEO of 30a Media said, “30a Television is excited to rebroadcast Waking Up With Don, and to provide segments showcasing 30a on his show.” About 30a TV Since 2008 30a  TV has been a leading provider of hyperlocal TV programming in Northwest Florida, airing on cable, Roku and OmniBox Networks with 9 million subscribers, and worldwide at www.30a.tv About Waking Up With Don Arias Entertainment, LLC is committed to providing an uplifting television viewing experience for a well-defined target audience in Northwest Florida. Wakin’ Up With Don is a local morning TV talk show in NW Florida. Informing and entertaining viewers from the Gulf to the Wiregrass, the show promotes family life, healthy living and a sense of community. It airs weekdays, 6:30 a.m. on WPGX-TV, Panama City  

30a Television adds “Wakin up with Don” show to lineup.

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