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I am a 5-year-old Labrador & American Bulldog Mix. I am honored to be the Pet of the Week at Alaqua Animal Refuge this week. My story is not unlike the many other pets being surrendered at a local kill shelters by families. Even though my family surrendered me, my luck changed when Alaqua brought me to their amazing facility. The people there made me understand that my life mattered. The kind humans here take such good care of me and I have been eager to please them. Dogs have very forgiving hearts, which is why I hold no grudges. I hold no sadness about my past and I have been so happy here. The staff at Alaqua saw that I was a smart girl and enrolled me in the Unconditional Love Program. I had a loving and caring handler who took care of me in the program. We bonded easily and he said I was a quick learner. I graduated with a degree as a Canine Good Citizen. Upon returning to Alaqua, I have had a hard time adjusting to being back in my kennel. I loved and respected my handler, loved all the time we got together, and I miss him so much. I was such a good girl at school and I thought my very own family would adopt me once I graduated, but I haven’t yet. My heart remains full of hope for my future, The volunteers here are very supportive of me. They provide me with a lot of love. I am excellent on a leash and I follow my commands, just as I was taught at school. I always try to conduct myself as a well-mannered gentle lady. I am respectful of all, but I think I would do best as an only pet. I get along with the other dogs in the playground here, but some of the pups distract me. I am happiest getting tummy rubs and ear massages. I am what the volunteers and staff call a “low maintenance” girl. My beautiful shiny coat is a lovely combination of ebony and ivory. Come to think of it, that sort of describes my personality. Just like the song by Sir Paul McCartney, my coat reflects the keys of the piano, “Ebony and Ivory, living side by side, in perfect harmony”. That is totally me! I am a rule follower, a gentle soul, and want nothing more than to share my life with my very own human family. I will be a devoted and loving companion. I just know there is someone that needs my companionship. I am a mature lady of 5-years-old, but with age comes wisdom. My life experiences have taught me that if I am a good and loving dog, great things will come my way. I am so thankful that the nice people at Alaqua have given me a second chance. All I am waiting for now, is to be a part of a family. If you or anyone that you know might need a loving companion, come out to see me. I am the quiet young lady, the one that isn’t barking or acting unruly. You’ll also recognize me by my pretty coat, all shiny and black with the perfectly accessorized white collar, socks, and a tiny white tip on my tail. When we meet I will promise you that I will love and protect you for the remainder of my life. Wouldn’t you just love that? If so, come visit Alaqua and ask for Bel.   For more information about Bel or any of our other adoptable animals please visit our website, www.alaquaanimalrefuge.org/FindAPet. Or come by to meet Bel Tuesday – Sunday from 12-5. Or give us a call at 850-880-6399.   Alaqua Animal Refuge is a no-kill animal refuge located in Northwest Florida. The refuge has placed over 10,000 animals of all kinds since it’s inception in 2007, and has grown to become a recognized leader in animal welfare and animal cruelty prevention.   — Jill E. Tanner Alaqua Animal Refuge Director of Development Assistant to the Founder Office – 850.855.4265 Bel

Alaqua Animal Refuge Pet of the Week is BEL

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