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For those of you who may have interest in 30a’s Ryan White’s latest film, “The Case against 8”, will air on HBO Monday June 23rd at 8pm Central and 9pm Eastern time. Their film won them the co best directors at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Ryan started on this film 5 years ago when he was finishing “Pelada” and starting “good Ol’ Freda. They were given special access to the Plaintiffs and the Attorneys in the law suit against the state of California saying Prop 8 was discriminatory and Unconstitutional in regards to Gay Marriage. Its not a film with an agenda about whether Gay Marriage is right or wrong, but rather a film about the people involved and what transpired during those five years. It certainly is a controversial and devisable issue in this country and in individual states. No matter your position, it is an outstanding documentary that has recorded History. HBO has positioned this film for consideration for a possible Academy Award nomination with Premieres in 14 major cities across the country over the last 3 weeks. Monday is the time that it will be shown Nation wide on HBO. I hope many of you will be able to see it or record it because to my knowledge this will be the only time it will be shown. alligatorcove@aol.com Hank White

Ryan White’s latest film, “The Case against 8”

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