**Update May 2nd — Scenic 30a is open end to end. Thanks to the county swift action in saving the road in collapsing places.
30a florida flooding april 2014
1A County Line Rd/Varnum Rd
1A Wallace Rd
1A Aplin Rd
1A Double Bridge Rd
1B T R Miller Rd
1B Woods Rd
1B Bryan Rd
1B Padgett Rd
1C Hinote Rd
1C Laird Rd (from Pond Creek to Deshazo Rd)
1C Little Creek Trl
1C Fox Hill Rd
1D W Brahms Dr
1D Willie B Parker Rd
1E Berrian Lake Rd
2A County Line Rd/Magnolia St
2A Alaqua Cove Rd
2A Portland Park
2A Clipper Cv
2B Joe Dugger Rd
2B Co Hwy 3280 (Magnolia Lodge Rd-Smokehouse Lake Rd)
2B Co Highway 3280 (Panther Branch Creek)
2B Johns Lane
2C Antioch Cemetery Rd
2C Boonie Ln (bunker)
2C Stanley Dr
2C Burnham Rd
2C Cowford Rd (from Cowford Ranch Rd)
2C Steele Field Rd (at the county line)
2C Rooks Bluff Rd
2C Waits St
2C Bunker
  County Highway 30A from 393 to 283
3A Some parts inside of Gulf Pines are impassable
3A Us Highway 98 (Hidden Dunes)
3A W Hewett Rd
3A Bayshore Dr (at the bridge)
3A Sandy Dune Cir
3A Tang O Mar Dr (last 150 yards)
3A Rue Caribe
3A Windrift Dr/Green Island Way
3A Seascape Dr
3A Terramar Apartments
3A Lakeview Beach Dr
3A Pompano Joes Beach Driving Access
3B Spotted Dolphin Rd
3B Chat Holly Rd
3B Church St
3B Us Highway 98/Moll Dr
3B Us Highway 98/ Thompson Rd
3B Little Redfish Ln
3B E Pinehurst Dr
3B Flounder St
3B Porpoise St
3B Marlin St
3B Gulfview Heights St (at Draper Lake)
3B Indian Woman Rd
3C Walton Magnolia Ln
3C E Park Place Ave
3C W Park Place Ave


30a florida flooding

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