It's  been a big year of changes for 30a TV – from syndication on the worlds largest platforms to partnering with other TV producers.

One of the most radical changes we made was to reconfigure how we attract advertisers, and to not have any more sales reps.

This radical change took place due to some fascinating observations we have had in the recent expansions and syndication.

Why would we let go our sales reps?
Number 1 reason was activity. When folks request information, you must send it and follow up, keeping the customer a priority.
Number 2 is related to number 1, if not doing their job why should we pay them?
Number 3 – businesses are now approaching 30a TV to advertise, because we have a better mousetrap.
30a TV is now syndicated on ROKU web TV ( 5 million boxes) and (Largest IPTV platform) so our clients are delighted to be part of this distribution
Number 4 – Automation and Instant ON ! We can now produce a commercial and air it in 48 hours ! 
Number 5 – Payment and contact automation. We can now automate billing for monthly/annual fees.
Number 6 – Time, and money, so we can lower prices.

The cost of gas, phones, travel time, lunches, meeting times, is on the rise, and has no signs of stopping. 

You are busy, you want to run your business, not have your time taken up by meetings, when you already know what you want from us – eyeballs, customers, results  !

30a TV is becoming a national entity every day. People are watching us from areas like Chicago, New York, Dallas and even San Francisco, prior to their visits here.
This opens up your business to a prime customer who will want to shop or eat at your location as they saw it on their TV at home.

When they get here, less time is spent watching cable, unless the weather is unsettled. Some business decisions are hard to make. Ultimately, you, the customer comes first. When we can make a decision that benefits our clients, we will make it !

What sets 30a TV apart ? We are on TV, Tablets, Computers, Mobile Devices, and Social Media. Pictures and text are being replaced by video. Even google search results rank VIDEO higher than photos and text ! Fantastic for you, we will make your commercial for you, or air an existing one !

Join the wave with 30a TV !

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Why We Fired Our Sales Reps

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