Roku, the maker of hardware to stream online content, is now plugged into 5 million U.S. TVs, according to a post on the company’s blog late yesterday.

The streaming service that carries 30a TV has evolved in a very short time, in just 5 years, competing with  APPLE TV as the most popular IPTV web box addition for your television.

Dubbed by many as the CABLE KILLER, the box costs around $50, one time price. The reason for the moniker is the zero charges thereafter for over 800 channels. It does also carry premium channels like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon streaming and more. 

A comparison to cable fees, an average now of $60-$80 per month, ($780 per year+) this is an easy decision for those households cutting back expenses due to the lackluster economy. 

Roku, which essentially sells a black box the size of a hockey puck that connects to late-model TVs, also appears to be picking up steam. In the first 2½ years since its 2008 launch, it was selling about 31,000 devices a month, on average. Since January 2012, it has been offloading 167,000 a month.

Building on its seminal Netflix offering, Roku has locked up deals to add 750 channels, including streaming versions of Pandora (P), Spotify, HBO (TWX), 30A TV  and loads of such games as Angry Birds. Most importantly, it won the blessing of Amazon (AMZN), which routes its On Demand offerings through Roku devices.




Roku Evolution — Tops the 5 million mark – 30A TV expands again

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