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SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL, January 08, 2013

30a Television Partners with Octave Roku Network Reaching 3 Million Subscribers

30a Television is now available on the Roku Web TV box, thanks to a partnership with Seattle based Octave Television Network. 30a Television will be one of 100 channels within Octave, the USA's largest public access television network.

Roku is the the #1 streaming set-top box in the country and creators of NETFLIX. Roku is highly regarded as the driving force behind web-enabled TV.

Octave broadcasts to Roku in a linear format alongside on-demand streaming options made famous by Netflix and Hulu. Octave is combining the strength of hundreds of America's community TV stations into a national network with more available local affiliates than ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX combined.

Octave Network Television (aka '8ctave') is a groundbreaking HDTV service provider, offering dozens of local, regional and national public access, government and community channels.

8ctave founder Edward Balboa said, "You need a lot of Davids to take on Goliaths, so I am delighted to welcome a well respected content producer such as 30a Television to our network."

Over 3 million Rokus are in American TV households. A Roku and an Internet connection enables users to 'cut the cord' and the bills associated with traditional cable/satellite service and enjoy 8ctave, and many other HD offerings, free.

30a Television founder Paul Vizard said, "30a Television continues to endure, so when large networks approach us for partnerships we are glad to entertain them. To reach beyond our current audience to showcase the Florida Panhandle and the terrific lifestyle we all enjoy here on 30a is exciting and rewarding."

About 30a Television
30a Television is a leading provider of hyperlocal TV programming, broadcasting to 155,000 homes and businesses airing on Mediacom and Comcast, Roku with 3 million subscribers, and worldwide at www.30a.tv.

About Roku Inc.
Roku is a leading streaming platform for delivering video, music and casual games to the TV. Roku launched the first player to stream Netflix to the TV in 2008, and today streams more than 700 entertainment channels to millions of devices. Roku was founded by Anthony Wood, inventor of the DVR.

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30a Television Partners with Octave Roku Network Reaching 3 Million Subscribers

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