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Olivier Monod first visited the “Forgotten Coast” in 1981 and relocated permanently in 1988, joining Anchor Realty Florida as a real estate sales associate. He became Anchor Realty Florida broker and president in June 1990, overseeing three real estate associates and one employee in the single original office on St. George Island. CONTACT US
Phone: (850) 653-3333
Through Olivier’s vision and under his leadership, Anchor Realty & Mortgage Co. did grow to multiple offices, located along 85 miles of the “Forgotten Coast” and north to Tallahassee. With up to 80 real estate associates at the peak of the real estate boom, Anchor Realty Florida is a consistent multi million dollar seller representative.

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Anchor Realty & Mortgage Co Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterest

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