Helping to bring transportation and flexible work opportunities to the Walton Area 

Santa Rosa Beach, FL– The Walton Area Chamber of Commerce and the ride-sharing service, Uber, announced a partnership today that will enable tourists and locals alike to take advantage of the hugely successful service. 

With the growth along the 30A corridor, traffic and congestion have reached nearly critical levels throughout most of the tourist season along the two-lane stretch of highway. Without a readily available taxi service that can keep up with demand in real time, the likelihood of DUI and drunk driving-caused accidents skyrocket. Uber provides the unique ability to source local residents as a means to help get drunk drivers off the road and decongest the highway by providing affordable access to a safe method of traversing the area. 

“Uber will make our roads safer while cutting costs and improving the consumer experience.” – House Representative Matt Gaetz, District 4. 

We are excited to have Uber as a Walton Area Chamber member and to see them expand in the Northwest Florida region. When we can provide a service right here in our South Walton community to our visitors and residents that they may experience when visiting a larger city, it is a win for everyone. We look forward to helping promote the Uber service and seeing them have great success.”- Megan Harrison, Walton Area Chamber President and CEO. 

A free ride of up to $20 will be made available for first-time riders on the Uber platform through the Walton Area Chamber’s discount code: WALTONCHAMBER. Further incentives for businesses in the community will also be made available through the Walton Area Chamber and Uber for Business. 

Uber’s 2015 Impact Profile

With Florida tourism numbers at a record 105 million visitors for 2015, Uber announced that visitors from 46 states across the US and 78 countries around the world used Uber in the Sunshine State. More than 40,000 Florida entrepreneurs are active drivers with Uber, earning money to support their families on their own schedule. More than 1.5 million Floridians across the state rely on Uber for transportation. In the last year alone, Uber driver-partners have provided more than 24 million safe rides throughout the Sunshine State. The Walton Area Chamber is excited to bring this fantastic service and economic driver to our community. 


About the Walton Area Chamber

The Walton Area Chamber of Commerce was established in 1925 and provides leadership for a healthy business community. As the area’s leading voice of business, the more than 800-member organization represents the interests of business with government, promotes the local community and provides business education and networking opportunities toward building a strong Walton County economy. 

For more information, visit www.waltonareachamber.com or call 850-267-0683.



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