South Walton damaged roads. Confirmed. Report area

1.) S Wall St, the beach access #3. Caller advised the RD has washed away
approx. 15×4. The sand is also washing away. Public works has been notified.
Tape has been knocked down and people are walking around on the dunes.
2.) Wood Beach Dr. advised water from the wetlands is approx. 15ft from her
3.) Quincy Circle on the West side is approx. a foot under water. South Walton
Fire Dept. advised this road is clear at this time.
4.) South Walton Lakeshore DR. Approx. 4-6 inches of water in front of the Beach
Front Trail. The road is passable. There is standing water between E. Park Place
and Hwy 98 E.
5.) North Walton Lakeshore has standing water.
6.) Pine St. the road is under approximately 18inches of water. Called in by
7.) West Park Place Dr at Inlet Beach has approximately 2 inches of water over
it for 100 feet, county has placed barricades.
8.) Old Ferry Rd (Dirt Rd section) may be passable by truck but by car can only
make it to first house, has a lot of flowing water.
9.) 395 at Watercolor Crossing has water in the North bound lanes
10.) Wayside Park has cement slab missing, cones are out.
11.) 112 Sea Croft Dr is underwater in both directions leaving home per
12.) Apostles Way still has some large washout areas, some are deep. Passable by
truck only.
13.) Intersection of Denny Dr. and Bella Blvd has a large sinkhole going up
under the roadway. This is located inside the Peach Creek Neighborhood. If large
or heavy truck passes it may collapse roadway.

North Walton damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.
1.) Morrison Springs has water covering the park up to 15 ft. from main park
including the walkway, water is up to the bottom of bridges leading to the boat
ramp, at the boat ramp the water is 5 ft. from the parking lot.
2.) Nancy Darby is not passable, the road is under water. Around the 1000 Block
of Nancy Darby about 15-25 ft. of roadway is washed out. Water is about 2-3’
deep. At 5:52, barricades present. A ditch 4 ft. deep and 10-15 ft. wide is all
the way across the road. Road is closed.
3.) At River Rd and McCaskill Rd., the water is 18- 24inches deep a mile from
the river. No homes are affected at this time; however, cannot travel all the
way to the boat ramp.
4.) Cedar Log Lake Road is passable all the way to the new boat ramp. Water is
out of the banks and up to the houses.
5.) Berrian Lake Road is passable all the way to the old boat ramp. However,
there is standing water in several yards in the area. Chelco has cut power for
Berrian Lake Rd. Water is coming over the landing 150-200 yards from the
landing. River is out of banks at camp house.
6.) Coon Bottom Rd is cutting off fairly bad going into Holmes County. Holmes
County has been contacted.
7.) Crooked Creek Rd washed out right past 183, not passable.
8.) Indian Creek Ranch Rd Bridge is closed; however, Indian Creek Ranch Rd. is
9.) Mckinnon Bridge is out per road foreman; however, McKinnon Bridge Rd is
10.)Pervy Campbell at Knox Hill Rd has large washed out area that has gotten
worse since yesterday; however, it is passable.
11.)606-735 Mill Creek Dr. is washed out and not passable.
12.)475 Donna Lane is washed out and impassable.
13.)On Brookside, cannot turn onto West Jonquil, road is washed out and
14.)The parking lot of the park at Old Creek Rd is flooded.
15.)Sandy Creek Landing Rd. is under water.
16.)On River Rd, the 1st bridge has water just at the bottom of the bridge.

Freeport damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.
1.) Dead River RD is closed; water is across it just past the pond.
2.) River Rd is closed.
3.) Layfette Creek water is approx. a foot from the bottom of the bridge.
4.) Joe Dugger road is not passable and is washed out in several areas.
5.) Jones Rd, next to Alaqua Cove Rd, is completely under water.
6.) Alaqua Cove Rd is completely under water.
7.) 331 Business and State Hwy 20 has standing water.
8.) Goodwin Creek Rd almost washed away per homeowner, is private road, notified
road department and they advised they may be able to offer assistance from
roadway to culvert.
9.) 12097, 12099, and 12097 State Highway 81 private drive way is washed away,
Deputy confirmed. Homeowners cannot leave residence at this time! If entry needs
to be made, a 4×4 truck will be needed.
10.)Most of Enchanted Estates has 3-4 inches of standing water.
11.)Big Cedar Rd has water coming over the road all the way to the park.
12.)On Choctawhatchee Rd, water is over the bridge.

South Walton 30a damaged road report. Confirmed.

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