We first met Carson a year ago as an eleven year old when visiting to play Hogs Breath Destin, on his way to play Hogs Breath Key West. Yup, he tours already.

His first song out the box was a cover of Crazy Train. It blew us away. We liked it, and his talent so much we invited him back. Here he is a spritely 12 years old.

From an early age, Carson Mac was fascinated with classical composers and soon became interested in various genres which inspired his musical creations. Beginning formal training at five years old, Carson plays piano and guitar, sings and writes his own music and lyrics. Each song on Carson Mac’s first album was recorded in a one-take session without deletions or additions.

Seriously, book your table ( for dinner 4+ more people) and come hear Carson play and host our jam session on Wednesday 11th

Redds Fueling Station is becoming known for giving artists their start. Just as the Singing Bartender gig got a start, these visiting and local acts welcome you and thank you for your support.
From an early age, Carson was fascinated by the classical composers Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. At three years old, he discovered country music and was inspired by the melodies of Kenny Chesney and the guitar riffs of Keith Urban. The First Act acoustic guitar and the red electric Little Lyon guitar served him well until has was almost four years old when he began pleading for guitar lessons and a “real” guitar. Shortly after his first few lessons, Carson relocated from North Carolina to the Midwest with his parents to settle in Wichita, Kansas. Being unable to find a guitar teacher right away, Carson started piano lessons with Cecilia Shenold and voice lessons with Billie Preston. Carson had a relapse of guitar fever in June of 2011 and began lessons with Paul Fowler.

Within six months, Carson gave his first performance at his home church in Greensboro, North Carolina, and within the next four months, he decided he wanted to perform at a Wichita area open mic night. At the beginning of 2012, Carson’s parents solicited the expertise of Scott Fowler to introduce him to the electric guitar. As a result of the warm reception and support of the local musical community, Carson found the courage to continue his musical endeavors through his new friends, Nate and Cristin Muscavage. As Carson’s first non-familial fans, they began introducing him to other area musicians and asking Carson to play set breaks during Nate’s gigs.

Soon after, Carson ventured out to perform his own shows with the assistance of other area musicians, Michael Carmody and Curt Mitchell. “I feel blessed to have encouragement and inspiration from my fellow musicians,” Carson says of his talented friends. “Many thanks to Wayne Gottstine who has helped tremendously by showing me the tricks.”

As Carson works diligently on improving his guitar skills and gaining performance experience, he continues to write his own songs that he hopes will one day become a CD. He appreciates the people of Wichita who allow him to do what he loves at such an early age.

Many thanks to them in no particular order: Cecilia Shenold; Paul Fowler of James Paul Music; Scott Fowler; Nate and Cristin Muscavage of Muscavage Music; Pat and Molly Audley, owners of the Artichoke along with Billie, Joe, Chuck and Danielle who make open mic night possible; Curt Mitchell of Wichita Guitar Works; Michael Carmody of The Donut Whole; Wayne Gottstine; Tim Holmes of Charlie’s Pizza Taco; The Wichita Blues Society; Harry and Amy Reese; the grandparents in N.C. and the many friends and fans who come out to show their support.

Carson Mac 30a TV Interview

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