(Santa Rosa Beach, FL) – 30a TV (www.30a.tv ) will be holding a casting calls by appointment for their new series of television shows.

If you have interest in being a television show host or participant in our television programming, and live in the Destin or Santa Rosa Beach area, please visit www.casting30a.com

The 30a Television Casting Call will be held (by appointment) at the 30A Television Studio at 2890 Hwy 98 W. Suite A    Applicants must have completed the online form to qualify for a casting invitation.

The casting call is open to all over 18 on a first come first served basis.

About 30a Television
Showcasing the white sand beaches of NW Florida since 2008, 30a Television is a leading provider of hyperlocal TV programming, broadcasting on cable, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, FilmOn.com, apps and at www.30a.tv — Please note all TV shows are funded by advertising dollars known as “sponsors” – generally local businesses who want to support you in your quest to be on TV. You will be required to participate in finding these sponsors so you can be on air.

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30A TV Casting Call

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